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EDIT: Since posting this yesterday, several people have privately told me of more issues with Tuscany Press. Some of it has been anecdotal, but others have been verifiable; and it all adds up to an unpleasant picture. The editor-in-chief at Tuscany has told me that the essay I fisked in the following post is opinion and should not be construed as Tuscany’s stance, but he did not address the issue that it was approved by Tuscany despite being obviously wrong. I may do an update on this issue soon.

ANOTHER EDIT: I’ve posted an update on this situation here.

Tuscany Press has been my go-to publishing house to recommend to fellow Catholic authors. I’m associated with Chesterton Press, a smaller indie Catholic Press (my Novel Ninja business is separate and not exclusive to Catholic fiction), but Tuscany is a larger operation and can handle more submissions at a time. However, I’m no longer recommending them, due to a recent post on their subsidiary, CatholicFiction.Net, on why science fiction is evil.  Continue reading

Strange Things Have Happened Here

As I keep saying, I’ve been kept busy by other projects. I keep wanting to come back here and give you all more posts. Worldbuilding advice, for one. I have a post on YA fiction that I keep meaning to actually write. I should probably give you all some thoughts on current shows (mainly Person of InterestAgentsThe Flash, and Arrow), but each time I find myself about to do that I realize “Wait, there was another episode . . . I should watch that first.”

Still, I have one short review I can give you. A friend of mine was in town this weekend, and she asked me if I was willing to see Mockingjay. I was, we did, and here I am. Continue reading

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