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Daredevil Now Live

11958118In case you hadn’t already marked your calendar, the new Netflix original Daredevil TV show is now live.

Yes, I’ll be reviewing it, but not for a little while unless I wind up reviewing chunks rather than the whole thirteen-episode season. (Yes, Netflix released them all at once. What did you expect? It’s Netflix. Binge-watching is encouraged.) While I’m down with particularly severe fibromyalgia symptoms for the third day in a row, which would make for a perfect time to binge-watch, I’m scheduled to watch it with someone else after work tonight. We probably won’t finish it this weekend.

But for those of you who are still sticking around and not clicking that oh-so-shiny link, let’s talk Daredevil for a bit.  Continue reading

What I’ve Been Doing Lately

So I’ve had another period where I haven’t been posting anything, and I haven’t even been updating on the Facebook page (which you should totally like). Well, this is a major part of what’s been occupying my attention:

Hang on, I got some dust in my eye or something . . .

Hang on, I got some dust in my eye or something . . .

Now, just to be clear, that is not me in that photo. I’m the one taking it. And the radiant beauty in white is my dear friend, mutually-adopted sister, and future co-author Elizabeth Amy Hausladen.

Er, wait. Elizabeth Amy Hajek. Yeah. Got to remember that. Fortunately, she likes hearing people repeat themselves on this subject.  Continue reading

I’m not a DC Comics fan. I like Batman, but usually the rest of the universe seems . . . stilted. Yes, I enjoyed many of the animated series while I was growing up (and even more after I decided being grown-up is a bit overrated), but I just can’t get into the mythology and worldbuilding. Too many fictionalized yet supposedly “realistic” locations, too much space between “gritty” and “heroic,” too much “hey, that sounds good, let’s go with that — who’s going to think about it too deeply?” Continue reading

A Writer’s Plea

I just discovered a lovely little blog by a writer named K. Marie Criddle. In particular, I thought I’d share a little illustrated poem she made about the writing process

NOW BACK TO WORK! *cracks editor’s whip on self* 

Quick Hit: Man of Steel

I went and saw Man of Steel today. Better than expected. Best treatment of Superman’s origin I’ve seen, which is a pretty low bar to cross to begin with. Best portrayal of Lois Lane I’ve encountered live, animated, or in print, which is a higher bar. (Perfect blend of helpless human and capable female.)

I’m not a Superman fan. By far. I just don’t like him. I don’t like his character, I don’t like his powers, I almost never like his stories. (In fact, the only good ones I’ve seen have Batman in them.)

It is, however, not a good Superman film. That climax . . . no. Sorry, no.

Farewell, Dominic Deegan

On Friday, May 24th, I read the last comic for Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire. It’s a long-running webcomic that I’ve read for years, generally five days a week. It started out as almost a gag-a-day comic with limited storylines and grew into an epic about the fate of the world. It centered on the title character, Dominic Deegan, a seer and oracle whose visions would lead him to one adventure after another. Whether it was as simple as solving a murder or as complicated as teaching a university class on divination, every story got better and better, widened the world, and deepened the characters.

I have a list of comics I go through regularly, and usually just open all the tabs at once and page through them in turn. Today, when I got to the Dominic Deegan tab, I found a thank-you message for the fans. On Friday, when I saw the 3,000th strip, I was thinking the end of the comic had sunk in. I knew it was coming, after all. But it’s actually only becoming real today, when I automatically loaded the comic and saw that thank-you. Eleven years have come to an end.

If you’ve never read the strip, I recommend trying it out. It may not be for everyone, and I’d put a mild maturity warning on it for some of my audience, but I obviously enjoyed it. The ending was also one of the best I’ve ever encountered: the perfect blend of confirming the end while acknowledging other stories, all in the context of showing a happy marriage. That might be a spoiler for some people, but we all like happy endings.

Farewell, Dominic, Luna, Spark, Gregory, Quilt, and all the rest. I’ll see you in the archives.

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