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I’m not a DC Comics fan. I like Batman, but usually the rest of the universe seems . . . stilted. Yes, I enjoyed many of the animated series while I was growing up (and even more after I decided being grown-up is a bit overrated), but I just can’t get into the mythology and worldbuilding. Too many fictionalized yet supposedly “realistic” locations, too much space between “gritty” and “heroic,” too much “hey, that sounds good, let’s go with that — who’s going to think about it too deeply?” Continue reading

No, this isn’t a post about DC’s latest attempt to be hip. I’m not much of a DC fan, whether we’re talking about the comics company or the city I practically live in, and I wasn’t much interested in their comics continuity even before they tried to revamp it.

My friend Ben Hatke (who draws Space Girls for a living), however, is a DC Comics fan. A while back, he redesigned some of his favorite heroes for fun and practice, and recently his Supergirl wound up on Project Rooftop, a website full of people who do this sort of thing for fun and practice. Actually, he gave you not just one but two different Supergirls, and explains what he’d do if he had the chance to restart his own DC continuity. Go check it out.

And then go buy his books, particularly if you know any little Space Kids of your own.

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