No, that’s not all one topic (though it sounds like it would make an interesting discussion). I’m just giving you an update on some things over at my other site that you might be interested in. 

Normally, I write my reviews here. The Catholic Geeks has plenty of reviews on it, of course, but since my reviews often have to do with writing and not just reading, I try to keep them over here. CG has a larger following, but you all come here for writing and writing-related analysis.

However, Deadpool is an exception, because the only reason I went to see it was that a lot of Catholics and other Christians were raising a hue and cry about how horrible it was. I went to see it because I wanted to know if it really was something to steer people away from. I wasn’t going to until that controversy came up. (So congrats, my fellow Christians; you probably got more people to go see it.) You can read my thoughts on the other side of this shiny link.

One of my students also has a guest post up on the subject of originality. Those of you struggling to find a way to tell a story that doesn’t feel like it’s just ripping off the greats will find a kindred spirit in Hannah. Click this very original link to see why.

And finally, one of my former students, who’s now a full member at the site, is reading through The Dresden Files for the first time. I actually tricked Ashe into auditioning for CG by getting her to write about her impressions on the CG Facebook group. This was because she was already sending me texts and IMs on previous books, and I thought perhaps other people might want to read over her shoulder. She’s now expanding on those previous posts into full articles, creating a read-over-her-shoulder series of her impressions on book six, Blood Rites. You can click on this magical link to read along.

And if you’re new to The Dresden Files, I wrote up an article as an introduction: “The Dresden Files: Epic Noir in the Windy City.” If you’re not, you might like my review of the most recent installment, Skin Game; and Hannah may be filling in a read-along for books three, four, and five as she catches up as well.