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Whoo! One month since my last post? Really?¬†Editing, holidays, editing, recovering from illness, editing, goofing off (hey, that last bit’s serious business!) . . . it’s been a full month.

And as I gear up for conventions (sometimes as a guest, sometimes just part of the crowd) and other public appearances, I decided it was time and past time to not only get more business cards, but to upgrade my boring white stock cards to ‘Snazzy.’

Now, it’s important to understand something here. Continue reading

I’m woefully behind on my planned blog posts — which is potentially a good thing, since I’ve been too distracted by editing to write about it. Right now, I’m taking a moment between emails to put down a few thoughts.

Odds are that whatever you write about is, to some extent, outside your area of expertise. No one person can know everything about every subject. To paraphrase G. K. Chesterton, your job as a writer is to get your head into the heavens; if you try to get the heavens into your head, your head will explode. Continue reading

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