Another Dardevil trailer has been released today, this one a full-length theatrical trailer rather than the previous long teaser.

The previous teaser didn’t especially grab me, but this one is piquing my interest. I’m liking the personal angle, the feeling of two strong characters going head-to-head because of different visions for their homes.

Based on this video, I get the impression that Kingpin isn’t just looking to better himself, but rather thinks that the city (or at least his corner of it) would be better with his influence. Murdoch, on the other hand, is struggling with the question of what to do. When words fail, what else is left?

In essence, what I’m looking at here is a Western. We’ve got the big Cattle Baron with the law in his pocket, asserting his control over a small area overlooked by higher powers. He’s facing off against the Stranger, the lone gunman who would like to be alone but knows he can’t stand idly by while people suffer. Unlike the first trailer, this one has all the hallmarks of a leadup to the climactic showdown in the street.

Actually, it’s a lot like The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance from where things stand right now. You very literally have the young, idealistic lawyer who finds that the law is useless against those who openly flout it. Words only take you so far. Eventually, sweet reason has to be backed up by brute strength, in order to defend freedom against the barbarian invaders.

This is a Netflix show, and since Netflix is in the business of supporting binge watching, we’ll no doubt get them all dumped at once like their previous offers. They go live in April. I’m looking forward to it. Here’s hoping we don’t get disappointed.