This blog is usually about writing and stories, but it’s also about geek stuff too. Being a bit of a Lego fan, I like it when I find an excuse to bring out that particular part of my geek life.

Well, here’s a great excuse: this gigantic new Lego set modeled after the SHIELD Helicarrier from the MCU.


It’s currently available for order on Lego’s website, but only for VIP members. If you’re not a member, or not logged in, it won’t let you load the page. (It’s a free rewards program, though, so it just costs you two minutes to sign up.)

Now, I’m not actually a huge fan of the superhero tie-in sets. I’m usually far more interested in Lego’s unique sets, without any of the baggage of someone else’s story. I also very rarely buy any set unless it’s to kitbash it (that is, take it apart for the pieces), because there’s a huge difference between the sort of art you can make with the brick, and what is affordable to actually sell. As much as adult hobbyists like myself help popularize it as an art medium, it remains a kid’s toy. What we design for shows and museum displays would never be practical to sell on the mass market.

But this . . . if I had a place to display it, I’d be adding it to my budget for this year. Probably good that I don’t have space for it. It’s $349.99, making it one of the most expensive sets Lego has ever produced.

Though . . . you know . . . I could always buy it, stick it in a closet, and put it together when I move to a bigger place.

No! Bad Matthew!

But I like the cookie

The model is gorgeous, though. This is the sort of detail and quality you might find at a Lego convention, using bricks in unusual ways , off-center placement, a significant amount of SNOT (er, that stands for Studs Not On Top . . . I didn’t come up with the term, folks, don’t look at me like that), a complex interior . . .

Normally, I and other adult hobbyists, even if we really like the set, will look at it and see the limitations of needing to produce a set for a wide range of people. We’ll often collect and even display unmodified sets. This, however, is a work of art right out of the box.


It even comes with these great detailed micro-scale figures.


That one on the left is playing Galaga.

The set also comes with regular-sized minifigures in a separate display:


And here’s the lead designer for the set going over the features. It’s even more impressive on video than it is in these stills.

*heavy sigh* I’ll have to see how much I can spend on my Lego habit this year. Heh. I’ve got a large display planned for BrickFair that still requires me to spend more money to do it right, and as nice as this set is, I’d rather do spend the money on something unique. And I might need to take a trip this summer to do some hands-on research for a book (which is actually something I’m looking forward to). Maybe I can give myself a Christmas present?

I’m sure I’ll see it in person soon enough. I wouldn’t be surprised to find it being shown off at the next WAMALUG meeting.