So, another long period of no posts? Oh, I’ve been around. You just can’t see me . . .

Actually, a large part of the reason has been that I got an offer on a full-time job that has morphed from being simply a managing editor for a new journal to . . . well, a lot more. My skills as an editor are a large part of it, but my new company is also interested in using me in other ways. It’s really very exciting. I won’t be working with fiction, but it’s really surprising how many ways my creative writing experience is helping to move their project forward.

So what does that mean for this blog, and the Novel Ninja Freelance Editing business? Well, the blog is still going to continue, and I’m still going to accept manuscripts. Odds are, though, that I’m going to be even more picky about what I take on. The new job will mean that I won’t depend on income from NNFE, but I still want to continue with my passion for stories. 

The commission structure will change, though. I’ll update that when I’ve gone over the numbers. I can’t charge nothing, but the additional income from the new job means I can afford to standardize things more without worrying I’ll charge too low for a complicated job. I’m also going to offer a few discounts for some select groups.

I’m also probably only going to work with science fiction and fantasy when it comes to full manuscripts, but I’ll still give advice on most other genres. I’ll update the rules on that when things become more clear about the new job and how much time it’ll be taking up.

I’m also nearly done with the workshop I’ve been teaching this semester. That’s been a real blast, and it’s the most in-depth study I’ve ever run. I’m looking forward to returning next fall.

So! I’ve got a convention report to finish, with pictures. I’ve got stuff to talk about with writing, books to review, TV shows to discuss (yup, more Agents, but also Arrow and maybe a couple of others), some articles and other links to share, and maybe even a few just-for-fun posts — like the Lego show I’ll be doing at the National Air & Space Museum this Saturday!