This ninja doesn’t like being spied on.

The reason I picked the moniker “novel ninja” to describe my editing philosophy is because I don’t really like being the center of attention. I’ve worked to fix that over the years, but when it comes to editing I prefer to let the author take the limelight. It’s his or her story, after all. I just helped make it better.

I also don’t like talking politics . . . well, on this blog. (My personal Facebook account is quite opinionated.) While I’m open about my beliefs on just about anything, I want this blog to be about writing and stories and not get bogged down by arguments about the sort of things we go to stories to find solace from.

I’m also the son of a former spook, so I have a lot of opinions both for and against surveillance and spying. But I’m also a believer in the rule of law and would like the government to be the same. So I’ve joined the WordPress protest against the NSA program today. If you are a US citizen, give your senator or representative a call. If you live in a district (such as DC) without Congressional representation, give someone else’s senator or representative a call. In fact, give someone else’s elected officials a call anyway. It affects all of us, so we should all have a say.

Also, Mr. NSA tech: you’re wearing that tie again? Seriously? Well, at least it’s free of food st– oh, never mind, you just dribbled ketchup on it. Tsk.