Well, sort of.

I just got word from my apprentice, Rebecca, that the administrivia has been settled. I’m officially teaching an extracurricular writing workshop this fall at my alma mater, Christendom College. It’ll be on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30. (Well, probably more like 6:30 to 8:20. I plan on spending at least some time with the Contra Club afterward. Got to get my Duke of Kent’s Waltz fix!)

I’m hoping it might wind up being a regular thing, but right now I’m committed for eleven sessions and we’ll see how we go after that. It’s been eight years since Christendom had a dedicated writing workshop program, and almost as long since it had an actual writing club, and I’m looking forward to bringing both back to the campus.

I should also add that due to the English department’s tight budget, this workshop is being entirely student-supported and (except for me) student-organized, in the finest traditions of the college. Traditionally, when the students want an activity, they wind up demonstrating its viability by organizing it themselves. There were some hoops to jump through, mostly by Rebecca, but everything’s cleared up and ready to go.

The workshop is basically an hour of me jabbering on about writing, plus an hour-ish of discussion. In practice, it’ll probably wind up being a mix of each, but I’m planning on the students being able to critique material — and some of that will be sneak peeks at new Chesterton Press material, including some excerpts from my new multi-author series coming out next year, The Chronicles of the Ruahim.

Looks like Wednesdays will be “writing and dancing” nights this fall! What is this “hump day” you speak of?