If you’ve been following the Novel Ninja Facebook page, you know I’ve been at Balticon this weekend. If you haven’t, but you’re one of the people I met there . . . well, obviously you know. If you only read this blog, you know now. So everyone’s updated!

I decided to skip today, though, because I’m not feeling well. Not the dreaded con crud, just my normal stuff and what’s available today just isn’t enough to get me driving up to Hunt Valley again. (Even for the Lego Challenge event. Gasp!)

There have been a bunch of excellent panels. In fact, I’d say that the bad and mediocre panels stood out more because of their rarity than anything truly spectacular. I mostly attended writing events, as you might expect; I managed to pick up a few tips, but mostly I was going for new ways to explain things to my audience, my authors, and my publishers. As you know, I like collecting resources, experts, and new explanations.

I also paid attention to the questions from the audience, looking to see what people want information on. In addition to a more detailed con report later on, I’m planning on using these as seeds for future posts. And, of course, you are more than welcome to ask your own questions to add to my growing stack of Posts I Haven’t Written Yet. (And, as Chesterton might have said: like every post I never wrote, they are by far the best posts I’ve ever written.)