IMPORTANT: I generally get more manuscripts than I can handle. I am in the process of training new editors, but that takes time. There is an element of personal interest in what manuscripts I tend to accept, so another editor may be happy to take anything I don’t.

All genres except erotica are accepted, but I tend to focus on SF&F, followed by mysteries. Referrals from authors I have previously worked with will also be considered in your favor.

To submit a manuscript: Send me an elevator pitch and a story summary (limit 400 words) that shows act structure. We’ll start from there.

Do not send me a manuscript if I have not requested it. I will not read it.

If you’re having trouble fitting things into an elevator pitch or a limited summary, don’t fret. It just means you need to sit back and think about what the story centers on. If you have questions, feel free to contact me by email or a comment on the blog. I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

Pricing: This varies by manuscript, because it’s an estimate of how much effort and time it will take me to do what you want. The more work your manuscript needs, the more it will cost. It’s always best to have someone you trust look over your manuscript first, especially someone who isn’t going to be biased because of your personal relationship. Find someone who points out what’s wrong. You’ll save money and time.

After the initial evaluation, we’ll discuss price over email, which will be based on the following ballpark figures. The speed given is for an average amount of work for each type of editing.

Members in good standing of CWG and CLFA are eligible for a 20% discount. If permission is given for a manuscript to be used for internal training purposes, there is a further 20% discount, for a total of 40% if both apply.

  • Initial Evaluation: Free. I do not charge a reading fee. You deserve to actually get something if you give me money.
  • Copy Editing: $12/hour, at a rate of about 20 pages per hour.
    This is what most people inexperienced with publishing consider “editing.” It consists of checking for typos, spelling and grammar errors, and basic presentation. I do not normally handle copy editing myself; this is, at present, an intern-only job, and thus subject to a discount.
  • Line Editing: $20/hour, at a rate of about 5 pages per hour.
    This is what most publishers and experienced authors consider “editing.” It involves rephrasing key passages in order to improve the flow, increase drama, or modify pacing. This usually focuses on key areas rather than a line-by-line edit of an entire manuscript, so the above price is usually lower than it may initially appear.
  • Developmental Editing: $30/hour, at a variable rate where page counts matter little.
    Developmental and structural editing is usually an overview of the story, and best done before or during the actual writing process. This is especially important for manuscripts in the SF&F and mystery genres, but can be very difficult for discovery writers to work with before the book is done. “Worldbuilding” work falls under this category. I may wind up doing a significant amount of research on your behalf, or point you toward resources for your own perusal.