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It’s no secret that I have a love-hate relationship with Agents of SHIELD, a show I had high hopes for which turned into something I abandoned, continued with again because of a friend’s insistence, and then would have abandoned again if it weren’t for how it gives me stuff to blog about. (When I remember to update […]

Agents of SHIELD has always been able to get me talking about writing. It’s nice that I still get that, and actual good TV now. On the most recent episode, we finally find out why May is called “the Cavalry,” why the story is so garbled among SHIELD agents, and especially why May absolutely hates that term. […]

For once, Agents of SHIELD is in significant danger of being important . . . assuming that Marvel Studios will let it happen.

“Superpower” is a technical term used by some writers and editors, myself included. It’s awkward when used in superhero fiction, but generally speaking it’s a great term packed with a lot of information. Your protagonist must have a superpower. Your secondary characters usually need them too. Your villain always has a superpower, but an antagonist doesn’t […]

Agents of SHIELD

At the risk of guys in black suits coming for me, I’ll tell you what I know about Agents of Shield. Light spoilers ahead. If you want to know about the show without getting the plot of the first episode completely ruined, this is for you.

It took them a season and a half, but I guess Marvel Studios remembered Agents exists.

If two highly-educated men are able to spend the time from midnight to 2am on a chat program dissecting a TV show, you know one of three things. It’s one of the best shows ever. It’s one of the worst shows ever. It’s a show with so much misused potential that those currently in charge should […]

Agents of SHIELD has been very disappointing. My high hopes for the show haven’t crashed so much as just petered out due to boredom. I nearly dropped out of it before Elizabeth said it was getting better, and I caught up on Hulu only to find myself meh’d again.  However, there might be a little hope […]

Agents and Heroines

It’s been a while since my last Agents of SHIELD review, which could be interpreted as a lack of enthusiasm. This is true, to an extent. I haven’t been wowed. I’ve been entertained enough to give it a viewing when I need a break, but not so entertained that I feel like talking about it afterwards. […]

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been buried under work. I certainly don’t lack for contracts to fill my spare time, but I’ve also been busy preparing my house for a kitchen remodel; I’m significantly handicapped, so that’s even more trouble than it might otherwise sound. I just haven’t had the energy for […]