Hugo-Award-e1422355571917Things have been very busy on my end, as I deal with a few major projects at my other job and launch a new collaborative blog site (more on that later), and also prepare for my presentations at AwesomeCon.

I’m just dashing off a quick post here to cover a bit of Hugo news: the Hugo Awards Voter Packet is out. I haven’t downloaded it myself yet, so I don’t know which titles haven’t been included, but now’s your chance to get as much reading done as possible before the July 31st deadline.

If you have not become a member yourself and wish you hadn’t missed the boat, you haven’t. That particular boat doesn’t set sail until the end of July. To become a member, just click here.

If you’re not certain how the Hugo voting process works, I have an explanation of it here.

Since I’m still seeing accusations like this, I’ll just say (yet again) that Sad Puppies does not, has not, and will never endorse voting in the Hugo Awards without reading, listening to, or viewing the nominated works in their entirety and according to the voter’s own honest opinion. That’s kind of the point to the whole mess.

Due to other obligations, I don’t know how much of the nominees I’ll be able to review, but I’ll do my best to get as many done as possible. That’s not a huge priority with me, though, because of the previous paragraph. (And, also, because I don’t get paid for reviews, and my other job is paying very nicely for me to not focus on other activities.)